3D Printing Experiment

I’m sure everyone knows what 3D printing is but for the uninitiated; you create a 3D CAD model of whatever it is you want to make, you then make a tool path of the model for the molten plastic to follow, then you send the tool path program to a specialised printer add some molten plastic and hey presto! If it was that simple of course we’d all be doing it but that isn’t the point of this post.

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Tabula Rasa


These are a set of desert buildings I was recommended to by Michael at ChargeBlog when I was halfheartedly searching around for buildings to use for our proposed Benghazi games. They are made by Knights of Dice Scenery, who are an Australian company I think, and are retailed here in the UK by Shiny Games. Oh, and before I go any further, no one is paying us for this I just wanted to share with anyone who might be reading.

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Sicario: Part III

It’s been a while but I thought I’d write about our attempts to sort out the rules and the buildings which has been a bit of a journey to be honest.

Readers may recall back in Part One I was all over the Spectre Operations rules, mainly based on reading and looking at nice shiny photographs, not actually playing.


Well we had a couple of games using fairly generic terrain (mainly due to not having sorted out the planned barrio area I had promised to do a year ago!) and it didn’t go so well.

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Games Expo 2018

We (well I actually as the rest of the team were either working a shift or on holiday) visited this for the first time last year and had a great time wandering a show which wasn’t exclusively for miniaturists, in fact the number of ‘proper wargames’ you can count on the fingers of one hand but if your interests go beyond just pushing miniature figures around this is a must do on the calendar.20180603_172555

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