February 2023 Report

Our first game of February was our first run through of the Battle of Paraetacene, originally slated for a visit by our good friend Gareth Lane but unforeseen circumstances prevented that so Dave and I hacked on anyway.

Dave took on the role of Antigonus and I shouldered the mantle of Eumenes.

Contrary to history, the Antigonids did well on both cavalry flanks, driving back the Eumenid forces and killing Peucestas on the Eumenid right.

In the centre however the Eumenids repeated history and drove in the Antigonid centre despite being numerically inferior. Three Antigonid foot units routed and Asander was killed in the fighting, the rest of the foot failed their morale and grudgingly ceded the field.

As a run out for Partizan in May it was a worthwhile exercise and gave us a couple pointers on massaging the deployment. Confidence is high for Partizan ๐Ÿ˜€

Next up was a WWII Eastern Front game; Partisans v Germans. A simple game featuring 2 squads of Partisans attacking an occupied village receiving supplies.

The game was fast and furious; so fast we had to add an extra Partisan squad after one was effectively wiped out ๐Ÿ˜

End result was, the supply column was shot up as it tried to escape and the command bunker was overrun. A good morning of fun and fury ๐Ÿ˜„

Our next game was late war WWII Eastern Front with Sgt Steiner and his squad running short of fuel and needing to leg it for the last bridge into Germany.

In hot pursuit was a Soviet regular squad and a Radachevski squad whose entry points were randomly generated.

In a somewhat one sided game the Soviets were victorious and none of the Germans returned to the homeland.

Next up was a rerun of the ‘last bridge’ scenario this time with more players and revised forces. This time we had 2 under strength German squads and the pursuers were all motorised regular Soviet infantry – 2 squads and an HQ section. The randomising for the Soviets was more detailed this time featuring, time of arrival, place of arrival and method of arrival. The German players were in the same start point and had the same route home but unbeknown to them there was MMG & Mortar support on the far bank of the river that would be triggered once they had passed a certain point on the board.

This was a much better matched game and gave us a tense running firefight game with a nail biting finish.

The support fire did the trick and 3 Germans made it across the bridge, the rest were lost to the earth of Mother Russia.

Next was the refight of Paraetacene with Gareth which has been described in the previous blog post.

Our final game of the month was an away game set in WWI East Africa using The Men Who Would Be King rules.

We had a laugh and moved the figures over some very pretty terrain but I can’t say the rules did it for me but hey, we had a social.

On the getting stuff done front I managed to complete an Iranian tank battalion for Cold War Commander in 10mm – all a bit new to me but quite pleased ๐Ÿ˜Š

A trio of messengers for the Successors project.

Iranian Scorpion recon tanks ready to roll.

Another month done. Thank you for reading and see you next time.

2 thoughts on “February 2023 Report

  1. I found your blog today and spent a very enjoyable hour reading. I like the succinct description and photos, please continue to entertain and inform. One question, would it be possible to give credit to the manufacturers of the more interesting models so that readers can identify them?


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