We are a loose knit group of mature gamers playing mainly in 28 mm scale both large battles and squad sized skirmishes. We meet regularly at the home of the founder on Tuesday & Thursday evenings playing on the 8′ x 6′ table plus occasional weekends at one of the other members’ converted shed to play on the 12′ x 6′ table. We are interested in period specific gaming not historical anachronisms to generic rule sets. We are keen to give back to the hobby after so many years of enjoying its fruits so we try and do at least two conventions a year sometimes three, usually the Partizan days and then whatever else takes our fancy.

Most periods are played, mainly to our own rules, but not exclusively. Our earliest period is post Roman dark age Britain using our rules ‘The Age Of Heroes And Kings’ for which we have developed supplements for the fall of the empire in Europe and the re-conquests of the early Byzantine empire, our armies encompass the Saxon invaders, the Picts, the Irish, and the Romano British themselves; a set of dark age skirmish rules is also in development. Classic medieval isn’t really our thing but we have begun developing and playing rules for the C13th to C15th in Asia and the middle east focusing on the age of Tamerlane and we already have armies for the Golden Horde, Mamluks, Russians, Jagatai Mongols and of course the Timurid’s themselves. For Renaissance gaming we have armies and rules for both east and west with two sets of rules published, ‘For King Or Faith’ for the French Wars of Religion and ‘Husaria’ for the wars in the east; we have armies for most combatants of the Italian Wars plus a set of developed rules seeking publication, protestants and catholic armies of all the combatants of the religious wars, Cossacks, Poles, Russians, Ottomans, Swedes and Imperialists for the eastern renaissance and we have just started playing a supplement to  the rules to cater for the more traditional Thirty Years War, we also manage to get in the occasional Three Musketeers skirmish. Our C18th efforts are concentrated at the beginning of the century with our Great Northern War set up, again with its own set of rules, the classic WAS and SYW of the middle period for which we have Prussian, Austrian, French, Russian & ‘British’ armies playing to our specific rules published in WI, and the tale end of the period has one our oldest armies those of the AWI plus we have just started skirmishing the French Indian Wars. The C19th collection doesn’t feature the more usual Napoleonics but we do have armies for the smaller off shoots such as the Carlist Wars and the Sikh Wars again played to our own rules; the other big hitter of the period is catered for however with our huge ACW collection again played to our own rules and we shouldn’t forget our 10mm Franco Prussian set up using the Bruce Weigle rules as well as our skirmish gaming for the same period. Once into the C20th our efforts are nearly all skirmish orientated, WWII British, American, German, Japanese & Russian to platoon level using our ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ published in WI, Indo China French and Viet Minh, and Soviets against Afghans. The C21st is a recent venture for us and we have been skirmishing drug wars on the US Mexican border and contractors and jihadists in Libya using the Spectre rules.

Like all wargamers we are always tempted by yet another period so a Panch Villa project is under development but in 20mm this time, a future wars desert planet game is progressing slowly using the Pig Iron figures, a Glorious Revolution project has stalled awaiting enthusiasm and a Garibaldi project might happen; and these are projects that actually have figures never mind the myriad of ideas that get talked about with enthusiasm every time we play!

We have a huge library of books and magazines which we lend to each other (and then can’t remember whose got what!) and use to research our armies and are proud of the accuracy of our research and painting.

This all sounds very cosy and maybe a bit exclusive but new blood and new ideas are always welcome so if you’ve read read this and want to get in touch the contact details will tell you how or just grab us at a show.

Thanks for reading.